Who we are

Our website address is: https://www.sexyentry.com

Our refund policy

If you find any fault or malfunction or a manufacturing defect in any item you bought from us within 90 days of purchase, we will offer you a new one free of charge or make you a full refund of your money at your choice.

No need to return your item.,

No return of the item is needed. Just send us a clear photo or a video of the defect or the malfunction.

Then we will offer you the refund or the new item at your choice.

It’s our promise from SexyEntry..,

Our privacy policy

Please remember.,

Only thing we want in real is your payment and a valid email and a valid phone number to contact you. All other details are optional at your choice so you can appear in any nickname and give us any address to deliver your goods. It may be your home or your office or any other place where you feel safe and comfortable to collect your item and you can further decide the date on which you should receive your order. (Please include it in the “Order Notes” during the checkout process)

We will send your items to the given address to reach you on the given day.

How secret it is.,

Items will be sent in discreet plain packaging containing only your given name and address and the Royal Mail or the courier service sticker with nothing else. No company name, no logo or no mark of SexyEntry and even the sender’s address is NOT our website’s address so no one knows it’s from us.

Then the only person getting excited by your delivery is you.!

How confidential & secured.,

We send all necessary details and tracking information to your given email and keeping its password confidential is totally your business. Your credit or debit card statement will only show debit to “Paypal” or debit to “one of our sales agent’s name” and NOT to SexyEntry. So, no one knows you bought from us.

Please note.,

Check your inbox for the email. If you can NOT find it simply there, please check under the categories such as, Primary, Important or Promotions etc. (In Gmail, order confirmation email may go into the “Important” category and the shipping confirmation email may appear in the “Promotions”)

If it is NOT even there, please check all the other folders including “Spam” then you will definitely find it in one of them.

More, about your data.,

If you register, by creating an account.,

You can create an account in SexyEntry and register as a user at your choice. But it is not necessary to buy goods from us. If you create an account, it will be easy for you to buy at a second time where you don’t need to enter your details as they will automatically appear in the relevant fields once you are logged into your account.

With whom we share your details.,

We offer these details to our shipping service eg: Royal Mail, such as your given name, address and telephone number where it is necessary for them to deliver your items to you.

Your given email address will be used by us or by our email service provider to maintain the necessary communications with you in relation to your transactions or about any other subjects in which we need to contact each other.

We never use your email address for any purpose other than the one mentioned above and will never give out to any third party for their marketing or promotional campaigns.

All other details will not be disclosed to any third party except for the financial details to the relevant banks or to Paypal and under any circumstance, if a judicial request made by any legal authority, we will give out whatever the details we have about you for their legal requirements as we are legally bound to do so.

If you subscribe to our Newsletter.,

You have the option to subscribe to our newsletter and then we may send you educational or promotional emails about some topics relating to our subject or some products we add to our shop at times.

But we never bother you with emails and at maximum, it may be two (02) emails for a month.

Once you subscribe to our newsletter, first we send you an email to confirm your subscription again and only after you confirm your subscription, we will add you to our subscribers’ list for receiving promotional or educational emails.

And, you can unsubscribe from this service at any time at your choice.

If you make a comment to a post.,

In the comment form, you have the facilities to tick the options you wish to be acted upon and those wishes will be automatically fulfilled by our system once you post your comment.

Please note that your comment has to be approved by us before it to be published in the live website.

We use cookies.,

SexyEntry uses cookies for your cart information and to keep track with the contents in your current shopping session.

How long we keep your data.,

SexyEntry will keep your identifiable data for an undetermined amount of time or until you ask us to anonymize and / or delete your data.

How safe your money with us

All your transactions are secured and encrypted using SSL technology to prevent them from being disclosed to anybody. No one can access your financial data and even we (SexyEntry) receive only the due payment through Paypal. It gives no place for any fraud or to charge more than the due amount or NO hidden charges. So you can buy with confidence from us with NO worry about risking your money.

How we ship your items and when

All orders we receive before 3pm UK time (Monday to Friday) will be dispatched the same day and others have to wait until following morning in the UK time. Orders that are placed on a Friday after 3pm will be shipped on the following Monday.

We ship your items after we receive the full payment, via Royal Mail or an equivalent secure method in plain packaging with no logos.

Tracking information will be sent to your email at the same time.

What are the delivery options & costs.,

  • Free Delivery via Royal Mail (UK only) – for orders over £5.00
  • Royal Mail (24H) tracked delivery (UK only) – £4.99 *
  • Royal Mail European Delivery (EU countries) – £9.99
  • International delivery (Rest of the world) – £18.99

** 2 working days for certain AB, DD, FK, TD, PH postcodes and Northern  Ireland, the Highlands and Islands of Scotland and the Isles of Scilly.

(Please see below link for Royal Mail delivery options)


Please note.,

European Delivery :

Countries of the European Union,

Will be shipped via Royal Mail European delivery service,

Items over 2kg may incur extra delivery charges and custom fees.

International Delivery :

Other countries,

Will be shipped via secured courier with full tracking,

Items over 1.5kg may incur extra delivery charges and custom fees.

When will you receive your order

  • Free Delivery via Royal Mail (UK only) – between 2-5 working days
  • Royal Mail (24H) Delivery (UK only) – next working day
  • European Delivery (EU countries) – between 3-10 working days
  • International Delivery (Rest of the world) – between 7-14 working days

If you want to cancel.,

If you decide to cancel any order, please inform us immediately because we dispatch your items at the earliest instant for you to get your pleasure quickly. So once we handed It over to the post, we can NOT take it back and it goes beyond our control. Hope you understand it.

How to buy from SexyEntry

Simply browse our website using the categories. Then click “add to cart” button near the item you want to buy. Or if you need more information, click on the item-image for the details.

Once you add an item, it will be added to your shopping cart and you can see the shopping cart in the top right-hand corner of the page.

After you have finished shopping, you can click on the “cart icon” or next to any item displaying the “view cart” link.

This will take you to a page showing all items you have added to your shopping cart.

On this page, you can modify your cart. You may delete any item or add more items again by continuing shopping.

Then you have to select your desired postage option.

After that, click the “proceed to checkout” button and go to the checkout page.

Checkout process.,

On this page, you have to enter your delivery address and any special instructions if you have anything to tell us about how your order should be processed.

After that, check again whether your postage option and the shipping address are correct and then click on the “PayPal” button if you pay by PayPal or click on any VISA, MASTER, AMEX or DISCOVER icon if you want to pay buy your Credit or Debit card. If you get any error message on the first time, please click “Try Again” button to proceed with your payment.

This will take you to the secured Paypal page. In this page, you can choose to pay by your credit or debit card or from your Paypal account.

Please note that you do NOT need a PayPal account to pay by your card.

That’s all for buying process.,

If you want to buy from eBay, Amazon or AliExpress

Of course, you can buy from eBay, Amazon or AliExpress through SexyEntry.

In addition, you have the facility to select USA or UK market for both eBay or Amazon according to your preference.

If the products you want are NOT available with us or you need some additional items or you search for a wide range of prices, you can directly enter your favorite marketplace eBay, Amazon or AliExpress through SexyEntry with a simple click.

Just scroll down to the bottom of the SexyEntry home page and you will see the boxes to click for entering into your favorite market places.


Please remember that if you buy from eBay, Amazon or AliExpress, you have to follow their own policies including their Terms & Conditions and NOT ours.

Who can buy from us

Any adult from anywhere in the world can buy from us. We accept everyone and we send our products to any country in the world.

But Children.,

Sons & Daughters below 18 or 16 according to the age limit in your country have to wait until you become legally matured. Or else, you can ask your mom or dad to buy for you.

We do NOT post sexually explicit contents or nude photos on SexyEntry and our sole objective is to sell toys and sex essentials which are needed for a healthy and a happier sex life.

What we have to sell

We have a huge range of products for males and females to use separately or as couples to enjoy together. No matter what types of couples, You may be Gay or Lesbian but we have everything for you and SexyEntry loves and respects you all.

You can choose from a variety of items including Sex Toys (Vibrators, Dildos, Anal Toys, But Plugs), Sex Dolls, PVC & Rubber Outfits, Sexy & Classic Lingerie, Plus Size Lingerie, Leather, Bondage Accessories, Hot Club Dresses, Footwear, Wigs, Body jewelries, Sexy Uniforms, Condoms, Adult Games, Gifts & Novelties, Lotions, Creams, Enhancers, Sex Essentials and Aphrodisiacs (Foods, Drinks or Other things that stimulate sexual desires) and many more.

No matter what type of body you have or what size you are, we have Lingerie, Costumes and Outfits for all of you including Larger Ladies and BBW.


Please remember that all rubber comes to you in matt finish. To achieve the shine that you see on our garments in those photos, you have to polish them with a silicone based polish. You can select a suitable polish from our rubber category or simply use most proprietary furniture polishes.

Contact us

If you have anything to tell or ask from SexyEntry, please contact our team through any method you like. We are always waiting for you.

Email :

[email protected]

Telephone :

+44 7451 249948 (for calls & text messages)

Address :

120 High road, East Finchley, N29ED, London, United Kingdom.