Why do I need a Sex Toy?

Why do I need a sex toy? Or, what is the role of sex toys in modern sexual intercourse? Is a commonly asked question especially by people who are not familiar to the use of sex toys to achieve their fun in sex.

But people already use them do it greedily and sometimes tend to buy more and more sex toys like they are addicted to them.

So, it’s fair enough for someone to think that there is something interesting behind their usage.  

So, what may be the secret?

You too may wonder why you need the assistance of an “artificial toy” for achieving your pleasure in sex while all your sex organs are functioning well and even your partner’s organs are also working well and furthermore, even while you masturbate alone, you can achieve orgasm with no problem, so why those people are going crazily behind sex toys?

Yes, what you think is absolutely correct and 100% acceptable and we too were in the same opinion few years ago.

But with time we noticed that a huge number of sex related instruments are sold per day globally and the sex-toy business has become one of the fast-growing, high-profit making industry in the world with a continuously increasing demand from the customers.

We further noticed that people who buy those toys represent almost every category of the society including adults, young people and teenagers.

By analyzing those facts, we decided to do a research to find out why people use sex toys to fulfill their sexual fantasies while they are still having functioning sex organs and hot active partners to have sex with them.

In this article, we present you those findings that we gathered by our research but before we come to that point, let’s briefly discuss some basic facts related to the usage and functions of sex toys, so, it will be easy for you to understand the theory behind it.

What is a Sex Toy?

A sex toy is simply an instrument or a model that imitates the function and the form (shape) of a natural sex organ (Vagina or Penis) and there are toys for both males and females.

Some sex toys represent only the shape of a natural sex organ (Dildos) and some toys offer only the function of those sex organs (Classic vibrators) while some sex toys offer both the shape and the function together at the same time (Realistic vibrators).

There are some additional toys which can be used for some especial activities for achieving an additional pleasure or even on therapeutic purposes (Butt-plugs, Anal beads, Kegel exercisers, Prostate massagers, Kegel balls).

There are also another completely different group of sex toys which are not directly related to the natural sexual intercourse between a man and a woman (or even gay or lesbian couples) but they also have become very popular among people by now.

Those toys are designed for people who have a more deviated kind of sexual fantasies (Fetishes) or even for normal people to engage in some special types of sexual activities such as Sex games, Bondage or Sexual role plays.

All those toys are designed to be used by a single person alone or as a couple together or even as a group to stimulate various parts of their body on the need of those individual persons.

How to use a Sex Toy?

How can a sex toy be used? is the most interesting part regarding sexual pleasure items because there are so many different ways to use them and even their usage needs not be limited to your bed room or at least to a place with privacy. In other words, you can use sex toys in any public place if you want.

Wow., wonderful.,

You may be surprised to hear it. But that is true.,

Yes, Absolutely true.,

You have the full freedom to get the fun of a sex toy at any place such as, inside your house, in your office, in the marketplace, or while you pray in the church, or, if you want, it is possible to use it even when you are inside a court of law too.

There are specifically designed toys that can be kept inserted inside your vagina or anus and most of them are battery operated and almost always they come with a remote controller.

Then we hope, you can imagine the rest, yes.,

Fix the toy inside your vagina and perform your daily works in the normal way while you achieve the fun of the sex toy whenever you want just by simply pressing a button in the remote controller.

You can have any number of orgasms, without noticing anyone,

At any place, any time.,

 If you want a more adventurous fun or a surprise thrill, give the remote controller to your lover and see how naughty he or she (lesbians) will be.,

Now you know the basics about sex toys and how they can be used so let’s proceed to our main topic, why you need sex toys to achieve your fun in sex?

Why you need sex toys to get your fun in sex?



Yes, why?  We’ll give you 9 reasons below.,

  1. To go with the pattern of 21st century,

We are living in a mechanical era and use machines for everything, such as for washing our clothes, for preparing our foods, for shaving our body hair and even for exercises we get the help of machines.

So, it will make no difference if we use a machine for getting our sexual fun too, remember, a sex toy is also a machine.,


  1. Multiple entries to the fun,

Sex toys offer you the chance to stimulate any place in your body such as G-spot in females or Prostate or A-spot in males and these places can never be stimulated by a penis or a finger without the help of an instrument.

The orgasm you get by this way is completely different and will keep you happy for a longer period of time and once you get into that taste, you will feel like you entered into a new world of pleasure.

The other most important point is those toys are designed to stimulate the accurate place of the erogenous organ efficiently with the correct rhythm and speed to offer the maximum pleasure for its user, and also, the user has the full control of it.


  1. supply a continuous pleasure without exhaustion,

Sex toys work in two different ways for supplying a continuous pleasure to their users,

  1. Help to have sex continuously by assisting your natural sex organ to keep functioning for the whole period you perform your sexual activity, such as Penis pumps, Sleeves & Rings help to maintain a hard penis even after you ejaculate and pass your sperms.
  2. The sex toy itself will directly stimulate your erogenous organs until you get any number of orgasms, such as Vibrators or Clit Teasers will work until their batteries go away.

Just imagine the consequences if you had to lose the hardness of your penis due to premature ejaculation or the power of your fingers due to exhaustion in the middle of your sex ride while your woman still needs to continue to have the fun.

How sad and disappointed you both will feel.,

This has become the prime reason for women to get disappointed and even to avoid sexual intercourse with their partners because the man stops suddenly while the woman is not yet satisfied and still wants to continue the sex ride.

Due to this reason, so many women could never have achieved an orgasm because a woman needs a harder and a faster performance from her man at the near point of her orgasm, but the man fails to give it to her in any means as his penis fails due to premature ejaculation and his fingers fail due to exhaustion.

You may have your own experience or have heard other couples complain about it and in some instances, it may lead you to get the total opposite effect of what you expected from the sexual intercourse.

So, this is the place for a sex toy to enter into the game and play its role.,

You can replace your fingers or the penis with a vibrator or any other sex toy and let the toy work while you rest your natural tools until they get their strength again.

Or, if you want, you can use your fingers or penis to stimulate any other erogenous area of your woman to make her happy so it will surely help you to enhance your love while maintaining a long-term relationship too.

.It’s an extra advantage – bonus –


  1. Added pleasure by Sex Toys,

Sex toys always spice up your pleasure or offer an added fun for any sexual activity such as sexual intercourse with a partner, or even while you enjoy alone through masturbation.

Place a vibrating toy inside your vagina or the anus while you engage in sex and you will have the added effect of vibration in addition to its normal “to and fro” movement inside your body.

And remember you can never get that experience from a natural penis however much you try in whatever the way.,

In addition, you can use a Dildo or a Vibrator together with your penis to drill your woman by simulating the action of double penetration or a group sex activity.

You wear a Dildo around your waist in addition to your hardened penis and ride your woman inserting your penis to her vagina while the Dildo plays inside her anus or vice versa in a suitable position.

Even lesbians can get the fun in the same way using Double Penetrators or Double Enders and imagine the more naughty and creative things you can do.,

Then you can enjoy almost near experience in a group sex activity while keeping your privacy safe and avoiding the risk of getting Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and without getting into unnecessary troubles due to bad partners.


  1. New scope for masturbation,

You can get the same effect even while you masturbate alone by keeping a vibrating toy inside your vagina or the anus while you manually stimulate your clitoris (females) or the penis (males).

If you want you can further use a Clit Teaser separately to stimulate your clitoris, while keeping a Dildo or a Vibrator inserted into your vagina or the anus, or into both if you prefer, and spice up the pleasure in your normal masturbation.

Males too can do the same thing while stimulating your penis by a Masturbator or a Penis Pump while keeping a vibrating toy inside your anus (of course, you have no vagina).


  1. Simulate sexual intercourse in masturbation,

Fix your toy on any surface in any direction you want and then you can perform those movements you normally do while enjoying sex with a partner and if you want, you can simulate them in any position by making suitable adjustments.

It will give you the fun with all the necessary exercises for your body just like you get in the normal sexual intercourse with a partner and will surely be a new experience if you are still unmarried or still have not had sex with a partner.

You can carry your preferred toy in your bag whenever and wherever you go and get the fun even while you are away from your home, and no need to restrict getting your pleasure while you are outside of your bedroom.

 Your sex toy will make you a good companion, a reliable friend, an honest relative that never leaves you like other partners.


  1. A refreshment at the end of an exhausted day,

A sex toy will be a great tool to refresh both you and your partner at the end of an exhausted day even if your penis is reluctant to wake up.

You may have lost all your strengths doing duties in your workplace but you can still refresh yourself and get up again when you are back at home with the help of a sex toy.

So, a sex toys will be a divine drug for both of you to get back your energy.

No need to struggle, forget all worries, avoid all disappointments and achieve the peace of your mind and enjoy your life.,


  1. Therapeutic effects of sex toys,

Sex toys can be used to assist or sometimes to treat those patients who suffer from several disease conditions such as Impotence or Incontinence to get back to their normal life and to perform daily routines with the help of those therapeutic effects of sex toys.

If you are a man and contra-indicated for stimulating drugs (Viagra), then you can be advised to use sex toys such as Penis Pumps or Sleeves & Rings as an effective alternative for maintaining an erected penis to perform the sexual intercourse in the normal way with no harm to your health.

If you are a woman and suffering from Incontinence (urine or fecal) or Vaginal Prolapse, you can use sex toys such as Kegel Exercisers to strengthen your pelvic muscles to get rid of the disease while you enjoying the pleasure given by the toy as an additional advantage.

They will surely be in a great help for women with urine incontinence (passing urine while cough or laugh) due to weakness of their pelvic muscles due to any trauma, old age or even after delivering a baby through vagina.


  1. Offer surprise fun to your partner,

Like we discussed previously in this article, you can give your partner a surprise thrill by using Remote Vibrators at any place you want and it will greatly help to strengthen your bond and enjoy more love with no limitations.

Finally, it’s all your choice whether to go for sex toys or not and what are the toys you prefer or what type of pleasures you plan to get from them, but we’d like to recommend that you may try one of them, and yes., it will be an awesome experience.,

If you like our blog or want to know anything else please leave a comment and we’ll be happy to write on your topic.

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We wish you a happier sex life,

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